Australian Age of Sigmar Masters League
General Information

The Mission of the Masters League is to:

Celebrate Competitive Success in Age of Sigmar Australia

The Australian Age of Sigmar Masters League is organised by a volunteer Committee responsible to maintain rankings ladders of competitive success, and make decisions such as qualifiers, season dates, location and number of players in the competition.

The Committee for 2021-2022 is:

  • Gabriel Hanna – QLD
  • Anthony Magro – NSW
  • David Hurley – ACT
  • Michael Clarke – VIC
  • Alexander Krohn – SA

Notice/ Disclaimer:  The Australian Age of Sigmar Masters League is a fan supported gaming league that plays the tabletop board game Age of Sigmar, published by Games Workshop.  The Masters League has no affiliation with Games Workshop and consists solely of passionate and unpaid volunteers seeking to add enjoyment of the game amongst a community of players.    All intellectual property associated with the game Age of Sigmar is owned by Games Workshop Limited.   Any infringement on Games Workshops intellectual property is completely accidental and unintentional.