AOS World Championship & Team Australia

The AOS World Championships is the global pinnacle to celebrate competitive success in Age of Sigmar.  

Team Australia is sending a rep squad to Prague 2022 (18-22 May).  This will be Australia’s first rep squad to the World Champs since 2017. 

The best place to follow and support Team Australia during the event is via Twitter at @aosaustraliaetc.  More information about the World Championships can be found at www.aoswords.org 

Team Australia rep squad in 2022 consists of:

Mat Tyrrell (Team Captain, and winner of Australian Masters 2019)

Dave Kerr  (2x winner of Australian Masters)

Sam Morgan

Michael Clarke

Alexander Krohn

Stuart McCowan

Fabian Quinn  (Mercenary*)

Pèter Kreitl (Mercenary*)


The Team Australia rep squad was chosen after a public application and open expression of interest process in 2021, with a selectors committee consisting of the team captain and a group of independent selectors picked from across Australia’s competitive tournament scene. 

Several players have had to drop out due to personal or family commitments.    *For the 2022 event the World Championships expanded to be 8 player teams, with an allowance for up to 2 mercenaries from non-home countries to help smaller countries or countries like Australia with long distance travel field a rep squad.